The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Montessori School Method

Before deciding to sign up your child for a Montessori school, it’s important to recognize that there will be advantages and disadvantage in doing so. Montessori schools have been around for a long time because they’ve been effective at training children for the real world. However, not every child is ready for the independence¬†Montessori Schools provide.
Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of a Montessori program. Consider them all carefully. Remember, what’s a disadvantage to another parent might be an advantage to you.

Advantage Number One: Children Learn What They’re Interested In

Montessori schools offer independence to children through having a less structured learning plan. Instead of engaging your child’s mind in scheduled lesson plans which your child has no say in, he’ll be able to openly communicate what he wants to learn. When children are learning about what fascinates them, they retain more.

Disadvantage Number One: Few Montessori Schools Are Public

Preschool programs that are offered at the local, elementary school tend to be less expensive, if not free. Those programs receive subsidies from the government that helps, or completely cover, the cost of educating your child. While there are a few Montessori schools, most of them are private. Private preschools always charge tuition.

Advantage Number Two: Classes Are Filled With Mixed Aged Groups

This can be an advantage and a disadvantage. Sometimes older children pick on the younger ones. However, having older children in the classroom with younger ones can give the older kids a chance to learn leadership skills. It also furthers the education of the younger children since they will be engaged in group work with students who are more advanced.

Disadvantage Number Two: No Standardized Testing

A lot of people think of Montessori schools as preschools. This isn’t true. Many of them will continue to teach your child well into his elementary school days. However, you will not be provided with information on your child’s academic progress through standardized testing. They have their method of calculating your child’s achievements.

Advantage Number Three: More Character Education

Preschools and traditional elementary schools tend to focus mainly on academic education. While academic education’s important, it’s not the only thing that makes a successful student. Montessori schools emphasise respect for other students and the environment as well as knowledge.

Disadvantage Number Three: Many Only Teach Children Up To Elementary school

While there are Montessori schools that’ll teach your child all the way up to twelfth grade, it’s much more common for them only to take children within the first, few grade levels. You may have to find a different Montessori school for your child, or enroll him in traditional education if this is the case with the Montessori school you’re about to enroll him in.

Montessori School Does Offer More Educational Advantages

A lot of the disadvantages are financial inconveniences. If your child’s education is the most important thing to you, a Montessori school’s the best choice to make. Also, remember that some children are not yet independent enough to start a school that’s main focus is to teach children to be so.¬† To understand more about the lifestyle click the link.